Reviews for "N.G. Showdown"


This was a very awsome flash! There were very funny parts, like when Pico fell into Nene's boobs. I knew she was going to react that way. And Dad and P-bot, maybe if you make another NG showdown, we can see the fight between those two. Very awsome, 10/10 and 5/5!


violent little kids, i must say... but that was cool. ^_^ :P


that was awsome!

flipen crazy

make another DX right now

Funny and violent!

God's two greatest gifts to the world rolled into one flash! XP Nah, but this was awesome, and hilarious at some points, like when Dad and P-Bot were about to fight, and when Pico had his face in Nene's crotch! Just hilarious, and very smooth animation! I'd love to see another one of these sometime!