Reviews for "Ng Voicemail #973"

Absolutely epic.

But tell the truth... was that really the 973th voicemail you guys have received, or is that just a bullshit number? Heh...

Anyway, that was an amazing display of insane stalker-fanboy-crushing-on-Tom-Fulp madness the caller put on... and I can see why liljim demanded it animated.

Good show, Stamper. As always. This one's right up there with Rebecca and Queers of War. NO. FUCKING. ROOM. FOR. IMPROVEMENT.... except... animate more insane voicemails, plz!


ok then

Mmm, McDonalds.

Some of the things you animate are quite disturbing, Will. However, some of the voicemails that Newgrounds receive are more disturbing - clearly we can see this from the actual audio footage.

I wonder why the authorities let people like this into the community. I get the feeling that this might have been his one allowed phone call under police caution, as stranger things have happened before, haven't they.

I like the stick figure for Tom, as the way that the beard doesn't join up to the rest of his hair tends to indicate that he might be causing internal strife with himself by keeping the beard - it seems to have fallen out with the hair on his head. What's next? Tom shaves his head and keeps the beard? Sickening!

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Very well animated and higly ammusing, can I ring that number?


good animation but its kinda boring as second pass by... but i hope this flash will make through..