Reviews for "Ng Voicemail #973"

I'm crying

from laughing so hard.

Weird ending

I think the main reason this is so popular is because the scene at the end is just so good. Is that supposed to be you or Tom Fulp having sex with April Fulp? Anyway, it was a little hard to make out what liljim was saying. It is still good fun to watch, if only because the animation is so good. It is even hard to consider this a stick flash as the characters and their bodies just have so much depth to them. It is especially funny to note that this is apparently a real audio or maybe it is not real or something.

i lold in my pants

unexpected ROFLMAO

and the moral is...

...don't you ever leave a vocie mail while you're masturbating

It's true

when some calls you a 'fayeeeegit' best cure is go get balls deep in some biatch.

Preferably his wife.

I hope that kid saw this video