Reviews for "Man meets many"


It's really cool!

ZayanuZaroc responds:

Thank you.


i liked it. keep up the good work

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Thank you and if you like this your gonna like the sequel!


i gave it a 5/5 beccause i liked your style and it had a story line too even if it was faint

ZayanuZaroc responds:

Thank you!
Yes the story line was kinda creepy and to the sequel I'll make better story.

not bad

good ficht

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That was awesome, you've got great skills!! So funny!! When he ripped that guys brain out then squished it I nearly pissed myself! Well done! Keep doing what you're doing!

ZayanuZaroc responds:

Thanks! :D
I really apreciate your comment. I was a n00bie while doing this and it's easy to see in the sceen where he jumps up in the tree that I trained a lot before continuing. suddenly it all looks smoother. This animation took me nearly 6mouths to make because of lazyness and that I was a n00bie so I had to retry and retry and retry.