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Reviews for "Armed with Wings 1"


This is a good game. There are a few flaws with combat which could be more varied. The walking/running could be changed so one step isn't one gigantic leap also. The puzzles were fairly simple but well done, I thought . A great game I found. The graphics were smooth aswell.

If stage 6 is considered to be the first boss it is fairly simple. block when he swings his blade. run at him when he is charging is swing, if you are fast enough you should be able to hit him quikly twice to disable him, once disabled, use a charge attack. Repeat till dead.

*Still killing on the music*

Overall : A good game.

+ The black and white game is well done. No major graphics prob, the heroe seems handsome and like a samurai (with a bird, though)
+ The music, a really good music for fighting, i think. But it doesn't remind me any crisis' music...
+ Seem like a good story line, like a shadow coming from death to avenge his "family"

- When I push right or left, I'd like to make a little step (better for careful movement like the stage with platforms or when facing a foe)
- Get a little help sometimes (like with the swordminotaur) would be great ! And maybe, stop making his swing his sword for 29589385 minutes ? :)
- Some graphics bug like when the bird could go out the screen for eternity (with the red feather)
- The third blow in his combo is so slow... Foes can kill him 3583985 times before he strikes !

Help for the other :
For the swordminotaur, protect when he is swinging his sword. When he stops, go and attack him. He will fall, then concentrate for a big blow, and when it last only 10 seconds, unleash your power ! (You have to do it 3 or 4 times to kill him, good luck)
For the final boss : Don't worry, he is not invincible (I thought so because his health bar was not decreasing) but keep making combo and protect when he makes big lighting (or what so ever) move then kill him and finish him with a concentrate blow. (a little is enough)

So, keep it up. I expect the "Armed with wing 2" be better ! (Maybe give another pet like a panther ... ! :))

loved it

loved it but it get hard at the boss bit at stage 6 but overall great job. i love them anime/ Ninga things

Great concept

This is a pretty good game. I can't figure out how to beat the boss on level 6, seeing as the second hit in the attack combo tends to go through it, but it's still a good game. The puzzles aren't too hard to figure out and neither are any of the normal enemies but it's still kinda semi-innovative. Really wish I could figure out that boss though...


Very buggy, though.