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Reviews for "Armed with Wings 1"


holy crap man.. this game is great. very easy controls, good story, love it love it love it...!!!! lol

make more plz!

It's still buggy

Deleting it then releasing it so quickly isn't a good idea, especially when you don't have all the bugs worked out. The movement is still annoying.. This seems a lot like you are just trying to win an award, too me.

Not overly complicated but very entertaining.

I liked just about everything about the game. The fighting was good, the environment was very nice, and the tutorial was great. The only down side that I saw was a little bit of control lag. Still, very nice.


Samurai, eagles, and some really inovative gameplay. I'm going to enjoy this one for quite a while. Thanks.


a bug? on stage 3, the video just stops moving. leaving the character in a box...unable to see whats ahead. but once that is fixed, it seems like a pretty interesting game. not much action (as far as i got) but moves pretty quickly :D 7/10