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Reviews for "Raccoon Racing"


This game is freaking sweet, its got same functions as mario kart, and u asked for suggestions for a sequel. well.
you can do the whole, 2 item thing u know?
cuz i wouldnt wanna carry one item only u know?
maybe have 2, 1 for attack, and 1 for protection, or 2 for attack whatever we want.
that would be cool.
people complaining about "oo boo hoo, u got the whole idea from mario kart" lets see you try to recreate mario kart in flash.

Grea game!

A lot of effort would have been put in and a lot of fun came out of it. Even though its a rip off of mario kart and diddy kong racing it is still very fun.

i would like to see more weaponsm maybe like ablock or sumthin to put down so people bounce back from it or somehting like the bulet in mario kart which goes fast n guides u.

Awsome game

I dont often do reviews but coming from a fellow developer who is actually developing a racing game i had to.The amount of work that has gone into this game must be respected.Exellent game my friend 10/10 from me.

Good Game

it's a very fun game i can't seem to stop playing it lol but i noticed in hard mode the computer players seem to get missles a lot and for some odd reason it only happens when i'm first dunno if any one has got this problem but overall it's a very good game keep up the good work.

Great racer

This game was alot of fun. I loved the courses, I got distracted by the scenery a few times which is an ability most cart games lack in. The idea for boat races on the same course was a good one and the unlockables kept it going for quite a while.

The only thing missing is some kind of pause menu. I read in a review someone was requesting a restart option, my only concern about that would be it may make the cups to easy. If you had a single race option then that would be cool to have a restart on, but the idea of a series of races is to do your best in each race, that doesn't mean you have to get a perfect first place finish every time.