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Reviews for "Raccoon Racing"


I would say that you would have to create a better graphics and road should be straight so it can be easier to steer. I couldn't even get past the first level.
But Nice Game and Characters.

The view is awful!!

The game itself is pretty good. But the view is terrible!!! You cant tell where youre going or supposed to be going at all!!!!

Add a time-trial option!

This game was basically a Mariokart game. One thing missing, or at least I didn't see it was a time-trial option. This is something some people like to do after beating the game for the thousandth time. Also the missile seems a bit overpowered. Knocking a character into the air and then basically allowing all the other karts to overtake that character unless that character was way too far ahead.


if i want a game like this than ill play my mario cart total copy of it!

Awesome game man!

I like how you could use boats and cars. that's cool! but two things. instead of puddles you should put like an oil slick because it looked weird in boat levels. the other thing is that it kinda takes to long to recover from items. other than that it is a really fun game! all the animals reminds me of diddy kong racing :P