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Reviews for "Raccoon Racing"

Hard to see=/

I would give a 10, except I used to play these and I was really good.. now, I am good, beat all first place, but had alot of trouble trying to see where the track actually was. maybe outline the actualy track and I will comeback with a better vote.

cool glitch

you know those homing missles once a panda shot at me 3 homing missles one hit my car and i flew high then anthore came and shot me and anthore one i flew out of the map it was so cool please dont remove the glicth its so awsome

Armor Games delete this game?

I play it the first time on armor games (I don't know why they deleted), but i'm addicted to this music i come back!

Spin off?

lol this is just like the gameboy Mario Cart racing thing...

Normal is Easy

More powerups and Hard is only slightly better than Easy.