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Reviews for "Raccoon Racing"

Improvement/Sequel requests

1) More maps, more complex maps, flying
2) Documentation on each unit's special attack
3) Better AI
4) Team racing, AI/multiplayer
5) Multiplier opponents
6) Per unit sound effects
7) Bigger screen, more detail, more maps
8) Performance improvements, feeling of framerate slowdowns using FF and Flash 9.0 r115

a pause button...

its a great game. the steering seems hard at first but once you play it long enough, you become used to it. please include a pause button and probably some better weapons. overall, good game.

Wacky Wheels

Great game, love the tracks and the gameplay in general.

TentacleMaster, I'm sure you realize Super Mario Kart was released in 1992 and Wacky Wheels released in 1994?



This is a great game and I favorited it. Like others have said, one improvement would be to have a menu feature so that we don't have to finish a race or exit to restart. Also it would be really nice if it's possible to make this game a multiplayer!

Great racer

This game was alot of fun. I loved the courses, I got distracted by the scenery a few times which is an ability most cart games lack in. The idea for boat races on the same course was a good one and the unlockables kept it going for quite a while.

The only thing missing is some kind of pause menu. I read in a review someone was requesting a restart option, my only concern about that would be it may make the cups to easy. If you had a single race option then that would be cool to have a restart on, but the idea of a series of races is to do your best in each race, that doesn't mean you have to get a perfect first place finish every time.