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Reviews for "Dad N Me calender"

E.T the worst effing game ever..

The only thing i don't like about this picture is that "me" isnt as small as i thought he would be :O but still great :D


This is great! i like you drawing style :)


Dude you are like one of teh best artists eva!! This is like so damn epic and ownage and and and SEX :3 Like... Ugh.... I love you... O.o *EXPLOSION OF FLAVOR!!!!*

Paladin would be proud!

This is a perfect blend of your particular art style and the style of Dan Paladin (for those not in the know, Paladin made this game). The garbage pile of old Atari "E.T." video games was a nice touch.


Here I thought I was original in drawing dad punching mastermind. I would love looking at this for a month. Definite Fave!!