Reviews for "Plunk Pool"


Really cool and addictive game, very creative the boucy colors thing.

not stolen

This is a BubbleBox game, see in-game branding. So it's not at all stolen.

Amazing work:

This is easily the best I've seen on newgrounds all day..err all week even (and probably all month.)

Great PHysics, fun all the way through.

Top notch, and good job..Hope you make a ton of money at this :-P

TheDook responds:

Thanks for the glowing review man!

I certainly hope I make a lot of money as well ;)


this is awesome

very unique and fun
the pool version was what i was hoping and u included it in the normal play which was awesome, i was hoping we could design our own levels though

TheDook responds:

I'm glad that you liked it!

It's funny that you should mention level creation actually, as if this game is well received, I plan on putting a level editor and probably multiplayer into the sequel(s) :)

Thanks for the feedback!



this is a fun addictive game and the only 1 of the top 5 that gets a decent rating off of me today