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Reviews for "RE:"


might be better if stick people fights werent extremely common here

RE: 10/10

I'm not sure why you named it "RE:", but it's one of the best stick fight flash videos I've ever seen. Actually it is the best one I've seen, because it's so flashy and original. The way the stickmen manipulated their surroundings to their advantage was the best! I went for the 1 gig CPU option even though my computer is probably less than half that good because I wanted to see this in it's full glory. The graphics and special effects churned out flawlessly, except for some reason it was the music which taxed my computer to the max. Keep it up!

pretty good

I would have been alot cooler if it came out before SHOCK and SHOCK2 but the terrain destruction was still pretty good.


It's nice to see a good stick fight movie in the portal. I loved the artwork as well as the animation, it flowed really well. Your background music was kick-ass, however your explosion sound effects had a static in them that sucked. Also I do believe this was short, you could've made it longer.

|| Good Points ||
*Great Artwork
*Great Animation
*Good Story
*Funny and Awesome

|| Bad Points ||
*Sound - Explosions

Pretty awesome.

Some pretty cool Dragonball Z moments and exellent effects. Animation was slightly crude in someparts, but pretty much awesome :D