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Reviews for "RE:"

nice one

really fine work you got there looking forward from other flashes from you untill then keep up the good work!!!!>:3(my must put mark)

You understand the ART

This flash shows that you understand the beauty of stick fighting. Besides the fact it was well animated, fast action, it also has nice sound quality. Your anime style of fighting is very refreshing and different compared to Xiao Xiao and the endless line of it ´s clones. Everytime I watch this flash, I see moments of shonen greatness like Dragon Ball Z style charging, Street Fighter super moves, even Naruto-like ninja moves. For me, this hit right on the mark.

Top work, mate !!!


I always love a good stick fight. If it's done nicely the skill shines over the simplicity. I feel this is one such work.

keep it going

i realy enjoied your sumbissions on dev art. make that thing, that you can at best, animating some freakking fast stick action.

amazing stick-o-massacre

Really nice flash! I love a good stick fight like this one. Nicely done mate, cheers.