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Reviews for "RE:"


This wasn't as well done as it really could have been. I'm not positive, but I'm guessing that it was done at 12 fps. This could have been compensated for, however, it was not. I'm not saying that this was horrible, however, I don't agree with your other reviewers. You really could have paid way more attention to detail (which is the point of stick flashes, they are supposed to have extreme detail in order to throw off the stereotype of sticks being simple to make). I know, you animated the sticks frame-by-frame. This takes a long time. But, despite the amount of time it probably took you, it should have taken longer. I definitely felt that you missed the point of stick fights and that it was severely underdone, however, I am not, in any way, trying to be discouraging. I think you should take a long time and watch something like the Castle series. This way, you could get some ideas from more detail artists than you even will need to compete with (let's be honest, there are those on a different level). Anyways, this is just coming from someone who has tried many different forms of animation and gained a lot of experience (though I really don't have any "full" animations out yet).

Pay more attention to detail (especially the lines you put on your sticks, you may want to go to the line tool for a while)

5/10 for now,

I hope to see more.


i liked it
the preloader is a pixel too far left


For stick movie, ti was great.
And all effects was so good, and orginal.
How much time you spend in this movie ?


though I know the fight was DBZ much but the blocking I don't know

good! (few improvement points too)

that was cool keep up the good work. one thing i thought was quite bad. when they were rapidly punching and blocking near the middle their arms looked rly wird improve on that a bit. also sometimes the shields and etc. didnt look very good quality maybe add some blur and glow filters into it