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Reviews for "RE:"


Your Animations are just so GODLY xD. So anyway it'll be great if there was like Animation where there is one super powered ass kicking stick against a load of other super powered ass kicking sticks. Just an idea anyway its cool :)

Ace0fredspades responds:

wtf, Right now I'm making smth like this!

wow epic

that was sweet great job dude way sweet fighting does macromedia flash 8 cost money? cuz i wana do this sweet sht

Ace0fredspades responds:

yepe, visit adobe.com now it's there


I really like your fast paced animations man!
You have cool ideas and keep it original.
I'd want to learn that kind of animation, but it seems my mind just don't bend that way... At least not yet.
I'll watch in once more now...
Oh yeah, btw, what does RE stand for? And FW?

Ace0fredspades responds:

hmmm... thanx so much!
re- is like a reply to all stickfights before me
fw- is like forwarded letter to all the stickfighters...

wowww O.o

you're goodddd...!!!!!!

Ace0fredspades responds:



Brilliant work. Its inspiring. Ive been wanting to do this type of thing, but dont know which programs to use.
What did you use?

Ace0fredspades responds:

macromedia flash, forever and only!