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Reviews for "RE:"


Dude that was f***ing awesome

Nice work

Like the negative effects. They're cool. Good animation there dude! :D:D:D:D

I <3 stik figures xD

man that was awsome will you marry me i am a virgin well anleast thats what my kids tell me.

... :)

I liked it quite a bit. Ive seen animation like this before, and have always considered it pretty neat. The only detractor I have is that your audio was slightly distorted during explosions ect. The "crackling" people are speaking of. I have a very high end CPU/Audio system(Creative X-FI sound card with 7.1 surround), and I had the "crackling". Its not power level or anything like TheSevenSwords tried to say "People, stop whining about the crackling. It's supposed to show off how powerful the fighters are, like in DBZ"(please dont make idiotic posts m8). Its the audio being slightly messed up, or not "normalized". Great work otherwise.

That's not crackling, that's static.

That was just to the people saying that. If you want to make a noise like electricity or something, you have to do something that won't hurt our ears.

Now then, the fight... that was nice! I noticed another reviewer recommended you slow down the action, and you really shouldn't. It goes just the right speed. Not giving your audience a chance to breath means you just made an even more intense, enjoyable experience.