Reviews for "Cat Face ep.2"

Hah, this series is great.

My favourite series of yours yet, the humour style really clicks with me. Kinda reminds of Zoolander... Probably the accent. Anyway, great animation, and very nicely scripted and voiced. I'll keep an eye out for more.


this is soooo cute cat face is one of my favorite animations..its the cat thats 1337,pwnage and silly :DDDDDD 10 and all mah 5z!!! :DDDDD ccatface hes got the body of a cat and the face of a cat :D!


LMAO. Nice! I like this one. Funny stuff.

wow lol

Instead of silly cat face, it should say silly old bag lol
i cant get over the accent lol
P.S below person is a massive pole rider.


I like the Episode for The Cat, and The old woman.

I like the Silly Cat part too