Reviews for "Cat Face ep.2"

woot my five r belong to this!

awsome job! i love the Cat Face style, it rocks!

Silly Catface <3

Haha. "You smell nice, you belong to me now." :-)


another great episode of the epic adventures of CAT FACE! lol poor old lady locked in the closet

Cat Face makes me happy

I was watching Cat Face ep.1 just minutes ago, and I can't remember seeing something as funny in a long time, but when it was over I was sad :( Then suddenly I noticed in the left corner a link to ep.2, and I went "There's MORE of this?!" and I was cured. Thank you Cat Face.

Personal Favorite

My boyfriend spends a good bit of the time talking in that voice and rubbing his face on me, telling me that "I am his now. Yes." It makes me laugh every time. Thanks for making that possible. :p