Reviews for "Cat Face ep.2"

Fun episode

This was another fun episode here the animation was nice the story was cute the art style in this one was kind of nice has an artistic style about especially the backround anyways really good toon here no major changes needed other then maybe some subtitles, anyways nice flick.

no major changes needed other then maybe some subtitles


I don't recall the episodes being so short. This is still very cute. I like Cat Face's advice at the end. It's usually good. I was especially interested in how he treated the old woman. He really is a nice guy.

It's pretty easy to describe him. This gets a lot better later. I love all the bright colors. All these episodes are worth looking at. This does need more story.

Still cute af after all these years


Quite adorable. Love the cutesy theme. Even better because of the crudely drawn backgrounds.