Reviews for "Cat Face ep.2"

Epic lol

"see im rubbing you with my head, i own you know"

wow lol

Instead of silly cat face, it should say silly old bag lol
i cant get over the accent lol
P.S below person is a massive pole rider.


OMAGG I love this soo much i think today i watched it like 93740923754 times XDDD I want to stay in his "special things" :D

Good job

Well i'm not sure what the guy below me is talking about. This is hands down my favorite out of all of the catface episodes. It's just so random. He never gets to the store because he's completely distracted by the old lady with a nice smell. The ironic ending makes me laugh so hard everytime too. That lady is screwed since catface is so forgetful. My enjoyment aside lets get down to the actual animation. It's great for being one of your older works. I still love the crayon-like background. Catface floating still makes me wish I could float too.

hee hee

not as funny as the others but still great:P well dun.