Reviews for "Run Minerva Run X"


easy way to win is to put in the cheat. when you get to the spider thing just lure it to the part were you can fall. keep falling and when you appear abovie it hit it around it's eye/mouth area.


I've been to immoral enterprises website they got some great games.
btw this ones great to.

I hope you do more to it though having the other monster join into the rape 1 at a time would be awesome (escape before they all get you :P) makes it harder to.

especially sence everyone knows the cheat now >.>

anyways I can't wait to see V3 (if you decide to work on it more) one of my fav games sence well its the only single one with minerva in it >.<

Poor minerva no one likes to make hentai of you >.<


Really simple and nice game. I like the ideas of games like these. I hope u make more that are alike. However, for the code, what do you mean by 'b' i checked and there was no 'b' button...


this is a preatty good game and playa you do it at the title screen

wohh yehh awesome!

i'll give u ten point for that. keep it up!