Reviews for "Run Minerva Run X"


Really simple and nice game. I like the ideas of games like these. I hope u make more that are alike. However, for the code, what do you mean by 'b' i checked and there was no 'b' button...

Great stuff!

very nice game indeed, i like the idea of "run or rape" games a lot :D
makes losing easier to take

I love this game!

I just found out about this game a week ago, and I've been playing it all week. I've been trying to figure out how to unlock Tina, since it seems as though she can't be unlocked from the version on the Palace website even though I've beaten it plenty of times. BTW, that cheat would have been really helpful a week ago!
Keep putting out the run or rape games, they are the best!


The only problem with this game is that I kept losing on purpose.


i liked it, nice tits to.. i prefer the real thing but hey...