Reviews for "Run Minerva Run X"


How did you do it?

I haven't add anything to my file yet... I was thinking of doing my own furry game
but I don't know how to do one, can you help me out.

nice work

First I laughed. Im glad minerva mink finally got a flash game.
She was one of the best animaniacs characters.
Oh P.s the a and b keys are on your key board. a is by the s and w. and b is with n and v XD

The only problem I had is the attack area and enemy repitition.
oh and whats the first lvl song? lol


this is a preatty good game and playa you do it at the title screen

Pretty Good

Nice avoid getting raped game. I would like to see better sound effects of her as she reaches orgasm and some jizz. I can not get the cheat to work however. When exactly am I supposed to do it? at the Game Start menu or the select character menu?


it rocks keep macking games like these