Reviews for "Run Minerva Run X"

omfg glitch

the spider looking boss was not taking any damage WTF!?!?!?!?!?!

The First of Many

I used to watch Animaniacs when I was younger and used to love what I did see of Minerva. The game was overall fun, a little tough with some of the monsters, but a great first game to your Run or Rape series. Please, please, please, do not discontinue your games. They are different and will definitely improve as you learn more. Now for a little negativity, no ending for Minerva? The picture was very hot, but... come on.

i have a proble

i vote 10 cuz i wanted to look at my gf naked and doing stuff like that after word,but it wont let me jump

Great game, but not the first

First of all, EXCELLENT game, I loved it. However, I finished the game, which took quite a while, but for some reason it didn't unlock Tina... oh well. You might want to check that out, since others have said the same. Second of all, there are two other "run or rape" games already out, one named "demon girl", the other named "jungle girl", both right here on newgrounds, submitted by a great artist named LineMarvel. Not trying to burn on your game, I'm glad others are starting to make these kinds of games, I'm just giving credit where it's due.

fun game

heh, very fun, but that code doesnt work for me when I try it :(