Reviews for "Run Minerva Run X"

I died

from having a kick ass orgasm.. dang



code doesn't work

That Konami code doesn't seem to work.
Do I have to enter it really fast or what? Is there a confirmation noise?

Look U Dumbass? shocktherapy

Listen the only way @ kill the spider is 2 hit him in tha Muthafuckin Eye U asshole!!!!
Im talking 2 u!!!!!!! shocktherapy

Should use arrows rather than keys

The arrow keys should direct movement (ie the up arrow should function like the 'S' key does now. Most flash action games either use letter keys or arrow keys for movement; this mixing of the two hampers play. A password for 'unlimited' lives rather than something out of an old arcade game or 1980's game console would also be welcome.