Reviews for "Avoid_It"

loved it

the only thing that needs to be changed is when you die you have to restart the whole thing

Needs improvement...

Ok, the game itself is good, classic avoider with somewhat cool graphics. What this need is a level selection so you don't have to start over everything for one mistake. I got up to lvl 10 (not practice), then sneezed and died and had to start all over...that's a big turn off. Also, "failure" isn't a encouraging word to see when you miss. And the failure last waaayyyy too long.

Good game, needs improvement.

Fun game!

I really like the idea and look of this game, and I'm having fun playing it- but! There are a few bugs. In practice mode, it didn't matter what I did, I couldn't lose. Around level 4, I think, I can touch the red and go out of the box in a few areas and still be fine.


this needs a restart button

this was super awsomeness

fun game