Reviews for "Avoid_It"


Best part by far is the way it looks. The thing it lacks is a level selection system.



Chan-Chan responds:

I was thinking about adding a level selection part but I didn't think the levels were chalenging enough on the mind.
The next addition to the Avoid_It games is going to be more puzzle like.
But thanks for the advice!


it wasawesome, but make the failure thing shorter or a way to skip it, and also put in a lvl chooser of lvls u beat, if u can i mean

lolz bug

if you right click the you click the get you can beat the levels eaisily.

Chan-Chan responds:

On a site like NG where you can't edit the html coding theres's no way to fix that bug.. Sorry.. :/


i like this alot but the fact that if you lose you have to start from the beginning again so that might be something you want to fix. all in all very good game. had lots of clever little tricks you have to do like the windmill thing.very addicting.

What ?!?!?!

So.. the level starts, a re-dlike-sun-thingy spins around and I can barely see what it is... and guess what ? You've gotta play all from scatch, that's right, you cannot restart the lvl :)