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Reviews for "Make a smilie V2"

you might want to...

well, figure out if you can put some ''hair colour changer'' buttons on ect :D

silverwar responds:

in the V3 im gonna start all over and than im going to build a hair color changer in:D

That was

Coolio! Nicely done. Keep rockin!

This is very boring.... >>

Just kidding !
I WANT V3, 4, 5, 6... all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really nice!

Nice one man, althought I would have called it a gadget rather than a game. Nice variety of items, nice music. Good job!
9/10 5/5

silverwar responds:

true but that is not possible:P

Pretty good.

I like the good variation and so but some stuff made me sad.
The speech bubble disappeared for no reason when i changed background, The Rock you like a hurricane song is a homebrow version. :S (That's worst)
and the hair most looking like Links went trough his hat.
Also could you plz PM me how to do these cool edit able speech bubbles!