Reviews for "TF2 Sounboard - The Scout"

This is funny.

what i like doing is either pranking mah friends with this or playing random sounds then pff! then long laugh 2

Nice soundboard

Oh man, that's beautiful :D
P.S: Omg! Click Metrocop's eye!

Need a dispenser!

This is a pretty sweet soundboard for the scout and made all better with the infamous *need a dispenser here* quote.

Only complaint is it needs moar bonk!


You know if you add Bonk & Boink The Prank calls you make with this soundboard would be way more funnier getting some to say "WTF".

"Yeah! - Scout"
" What?... "
" Eat My Dust! *hangs up*"

best line

grass grows birds fly sun shines...and brotha i hut people