Reviews for "Doodle Defender"


Very fun game, BUilding your own shit is Awesome.


Cheating is nice ...and be honest how many people made a penis ship =) cmon i know u did

Fun and original

Not very fun for me because im not a big fan of space games or w/e like this, but its fun! and i like the whole creativity of it.

Pretty good I liked it

Creative, and adds a bit of theme drawing your own ship ^_^ Liked the free money idea, was nice and all, but once i had to pay 256,000 for anew ship i started to come up short ;) Level 82 , and then I couldn't do jack all :D got shot at from the bottom, no way hosei :D

i really like this

my ship was a guy sticking his finger down his throat and he shot from his mouth like she was throwing up. my first cannon was his dog. i had alot more fun drawing it than playing unfortunately.

good game