Reviews for "Doodle Defender"

Could be better

it has great potential as a game, but it needs something more. Like maybe some more tools on the draw ship page.

Great just..

the rapidfire skill is useless. you can just klick your mouse rapidly and shoot as fast as you like.

Good idea

What made me stop playing was that you can't move, then hold down the shooting button and try to steer the ship.. Will go in a straight line, but it was a good idea. But we don't need anymore of those steer-with-arrows-and-shoot-with-mous e in an empty space games..


quite okay. bit annoying, that my perfect drawn doubledecker shot its rocket from the heck. no oportunity to change the look. damn. looks strange, when your toy moves backwards oO

Great concept!

Quite fun.
You should do more games based on the "draw your own" concept. This quickly lost my interest, but it was bloody funny to fly around in a dick :D