Reviews for "Lugia's Song [Ocarina]"


You're good at ocarina, bro!

Ocarina-Kid responds:

Thanks man! Though I think anyone could do it if they tried haha

Great Job!

You really did a good job on this. I love the feeling of calmness and serenity this songs brings. It's a really good song to listen to when you just want to sit down and think about stuff. It makes me feel a bit nostalgic. 10/10, 5/5, and a fav. from me. Keep up the great work.

Ocarina-Kid responds:

Wow, thanks dude! Means a lot. I agree with the original being a good song to just sit and think to, it's so peaceful and nostalgic. Thanks for the review and generous score!


Dunno what causes that echoing effect, but whatever it is, it really helps bring home the slightly haunted feel of the song. Brings back memories, for sure. 10/10, 5/5, and a download from me.

Ocarina-Kid responds:

That means a lot dude, thanks. Don't quite think it deserves such a high rating but I appreciate your generosity, glad you liked it!


*snores loudly* (pop)

Oh I was supposed to be rating this most epic, melodic piece that I have ever heard on newgrounds. Very well done!

this brings back happy memories that are calming my soul, but it also brings back sad memories to...