Reviews for "Demon Lord Battle"

Can you teach me how to make music like this?If yes send me a vid link on my youtube channel:minecraftisepic4evr.Thx!


This is a good song. But it just does not have the feel of a *battle*. While I can't exactly place which point of a game it would be better suited for, it doesn't seem to have the proper pacing for a battle theme, which is usually short and fast. It's not a bad song by any means, though.

P.S. What's Ultimate Whimsy XXIX?

Bezo responds:

Ultimate Whimsy XXIX is a game of my own design that will never exist but will eventually have a complete soundtrack and possible novelization.

This is boss music, not regular battle music to be honest. It's slower paced because of the size and scope of the boss.

Thanks for the review.

great work!

you are way better then i am! hope t hear more of this kind of music!

Awesome Battle Track!!!

This is an awesome track. If you don't mind, this would be great in a boss fight for a game I've thought of making. (If I ever have time to get around to it, LOL)

Awesome track

Could i use it in a game me and my friend is making?

We're not the brightest people when it comes to making soundtracks.

And i thought it fit perfectly for a last boss battle theme. Along the lines of an
Evil King or a Lord of Darkness something like that.
(sadly not a DemonLord but i still hope i can use the soundtrack)

So what do you say?

Bezo responds:

Sure, let me know when the game is done so I can check it out.