Reviews for "The Torture Chamber III"

So fun.

I found a good way to win:
Use the water torture for a while, press the w s and x buttons until your at the top, and inject him 4 times with adrenaline. Then right before he dies, use scarabs. (Or your finisher, if you have it.) That's a good 20k points easy.

Another bug? Great game, by the way...

This a great game...I've had hours of fun messing with the different features. One awesome bug, though. You can get bees, deploy them, and then click Scarabs after the health meter reaches 3. This does the full pain damage, and awards you about 10,000 extra points.

Great game; well animated and really funny when you break 15,500 points. I like torturing my little prisoner :) I'd definitely vote 10 :D Again, great game!


That was fun

Great game!


Tip: Set temerature to -1, pump him full of adrenalin, and when he's baout to die, hit the scarab finisher. Hold the shift button to gain masive points.


The game is very cool, but wen yo unlock the finisher "mummy" appear a monster at the screen? because it says "children should not see" and i am a children!
Somebody tell me!!