Reviews for "The Torture Chamber III"


damn it was fuggin hard to get 25.5k pain points anyways that last final finisher is unnecessary --


not sure if this is a glitch or not but I contribute mostof my 20k+ scores to it

when you use the scarab finisher,(or the very last one ;p) you're also able to use the adrenaline for a good long while :P up until the finisher ends I think

at first I didn't like it too much, a bit hard to get into you know? But once I played around a bit I really enjoyed it ^^


the only suky thing was that the bottom left unlockable only got like 300 points per drip and the most expensve finish unlockable took soo f-ing long. however, the words were funny.


lots and lots of fun!


not my score but my verdict was 24740 wtf?
hahaha 9999999999999 points for the final tourture that was so random