Reviews for "The Torture Chamber III"


great game
quite addictive
but i couldnt get anywhere near 15k pain points
let alone 25.5k of them

anyone help me out?


It's great! I first saw the Supernova and I was like, That's FF7! That's one of Sephiroth's moves in the 2nd to last battle! (Tiny one after finishing, my dad finished the game and I saw) Firing squad is hard, but it's the same keys, War axe is awesome, Temp. finisher is best at high temp, but cooler at low. The bees, I couldn't get them to work, chinese water torcher is werd, and never tried scarabs. Awesome game 5/5 9/10


Quite fun


nice game

Fun game

Torture Chambre 3 is a fun game! but i found ik hard to get a lot of points.