Reviews for "Wither"


Great Animation and all , extremly well placed "viewer angles" Like when the building rise from under the ground etc. But I think that it was too darn short.
Thereby 8/10 4/5

Needs more FPS

The animation is pretty good and I like how you got the paper being set up in the start, but I think it could be better if you added more frames throughout to make the animation smoother.


Did the guy actually pee himself? Looks like in one scene there's pee running down his leg.


Pencil and paper animation is rare. I do appreciate a good bit of creativity and originality every now and then. Thank you!


Don't pay attention to others who said that you should buy a better camera.
The music was great, and that's not even seapking of your incredible talent!
Personnaly, i think u got a great shinig future on Newgrounds, Dude.