Reviews for "Wither"

holy shit

that was some sick shit dude, the only thing is it looks too skippy, i know it is really hard to make paper animation smooth and that can't possibly be expected of you, but if you could then you would get the ten. still that is one of the best paper animations i have seen in a long time, make more, you could end up getting paid for that shit

not bad

I love the detail put into the closeups and some of the backgrounds (like the clouds). That really made the flash stand out for me. However, I wish there were more frames so the whole thing was a little smoother. Keep it up.

well, I'll be honest

No that bad but not that good either...I had trouble identifying the storyline...and the choppyness was a little more excessive than it should be. good job though.


Its artowrk its original and awesome, but it demosntrates no particular FLASH knowledge. for example no preloader.

Very nice.

Very catchy song, and a nice piece of animation.

But due ther is STOP / PLAY buttons, and it got stuck a few times in the middle, i'll give it a 8.
Its very good, never the less.