Reviews for "Wither"


Hurray. You made an animation out of paper and pen. It's called a cartoon; and a terrible one at that. You might as well have just thrown a bunch of different half-drawn doodles together and played them in no particular order. Oh wait, that's what you did. There are like... 3-4 frames per scene. Unacceptable. Not to mention the music was downright abysmal.


you did a great job on the drawings and very cool smooth animations. however, your ending was a bit abrupt. dont get lazy on such a big project by telling us to interpret our own meaning. make it more definitive!

awesome job, though. shows skill beyond just using flash or drawing well.

well done

Newgrounds needs more animations like these. My only complaint is the lack of a preloader.


great art work

your art was beautiful. btw did u like use stop action filming to do that?