Reviews for "Wither"

The blood and sweat!!!

Very impressive for student work! 2D Cel animation is a dying art in America now a days. Too bad, cuz all that CGI 3D stuff is just getting to redundant. I know this isn't an actual cel animation, but a pencil test instead. However, alot of folks (or the average eye) always soon forgets the amount of blood and sweat it takes to create this kind of animation. It's not just a simple move the rigged skeleton from point A to point B, but every single frame needs to be individually drawn. It's been awhile since I've taken 2D animation class, but I think it was 30 frames a second. That's 30 seperate drawings per second. Do the math from there.



the only thing bad about it at all was the music.
it reminded me of my frined thomas who is really bad at singing

My other one was too short.

Way too jumpy for my taste. The art was good, but nothing new or spectacular to me. I would recommend a different way of doing animation if you're gonna stick with shorts for newgrounds.


Hollowsong, are you just mad because you never got the frontpage? I dont see you putting out any animations like this so dont dis it, and the song is his personal style. If you dont consider it great keep that to yourself. Anyway great job on the video dude, i like how you drew the lightning best of all. 9/10

the song, the song?

Please tell me the author?
But nice animation. Yes, preloader would be good..