Reviews for "Wither"

awesome dude!!

i love movies like that!

Amazing :o

Did You Draw This? I Think It Looks Amazing... .-. Good Job :] You Must Do Good In Animation :o


i like the deepness


Ohh jeaahh.
i love weed man, thats fucken rock.
Your art skills are high and very good mad movie, but man you forgot pre-loader, that made this movie not so good.
but graphics and all motions was made by hand or some was a computer too >?
i gave you 4/5 ok couse you have`nt got loader.
Ok dude, go get some weed, get in hig and draw some stuff, and keep making movies like that, and you gone get high place in NG , maybe frontpage adn then trophy.

Happy 4:20 for you too.