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Reviews for "Wither"

Loved it.

Was very well put together.
Kind of short (9)
Good animation, choice of song, artist skill.
Love to see more like this~

very good, too choppy

it was very choppy, but other than that it was really good...

very good.

its animated very well, but its kinda short, and it doesnt have a real plot.
you dont see a lot of this kind of animation so i encourage you to keep it up. nice audio btw!


Not a lot to say about this. Simply that I love your art style, and the song was neat. Good job and I hope to see more from you in the near future.

The blood and sweat!!!

Very impressive for student work! 2D Cel animation is a dying art in America now a days. Too bad, cuz all that CGI 3D stuff is just getting to redundant. I know this isn't an actual cel animation, but a pencil test instead. However, alot of folks (or the average eye) always soon forgets the amount of blood and sweat it takes to create this kind of animation. It's not just a simple move the rigged skeleton from point A to point B, but every single frame needs to be individually drawn. It's been awhile since I've taken 2D animation class, but I think it was 30 frames a second. That's 30 seperate drawings per second. Do the math from there.