Reviews for "Wither"


sorry, didnt like it, the idea isidentical to someone elses who animates in a better quality than your own and has a mini series, i dont like it...

Totty responds:

please prove this.


the part where the clouds come together and shoot that lightning bolt was gorgeous and so well done (my favorite part, aesthetically). the character's design is really good looking, solid. the whole thing was pretty damn good for hand-drawn; like a few have mentioned, it would look so much smoother and less seizure-inducing if you had found a good, set light-source for each frame....but otherwise well done.

I enjoyed this!

But theres just 1 thing that irked me.
i almost had a seizure watching this, it was like "Must..keep..watching.. good animation....ow my eyes!"
Why you ask? Because you didn't have 1 standard light on the paper at all times. It kept flashing back and forth from bright paper, dark paper, sometimes green paper. Next time, have a lamp in front of it when you take the pictures.

Great job though, and i hope to see more in the future.


Music was annoying, but the flash was great considering you drew it. It takes talent to do what you did, and I dont have patience to do something like that lol. Overall this was great, I personally think it could have been longer with better music. Keep up the good work!


for about the first 5 seconds i thought it was going to suck but that was really great. very impressive animation.