Reviews for "Wither"

nice job

first off, i hate reading revews of works like this about the technical side of actual shooting it. "get a better camera" lighting sucks" i mean these are NO BUDGET animations. cmon people judge on the merit of ART!

sorry just had to rant.

anyways, there was some really good stuff in here. your character design was simple so i wont say anythiing about it. however the style in which you created the world around him gives good hint about your creativity. which is definatly present. i love the short bursts of colour, they show your not scared of experimenting a little. and we all know how far that can go. although i beleive the camera work was just fine as it was. the only improvment i could suggest would be (of course) to put in more frames. few scenes were a little choppy. now whether you "wanted it to be like that" or not, i think this animation would benifit from it. aesthically of course! youve definatly inspired me to try again with my digitial camera. i attempted this before HANDHELD! ahaha i bet you know how that turned out. but i got my self a tri pod so mabye i'll have better luck.. how much money do you wanna bet that i come back regretting most of my words in this review? well good luck on future animations!


nicely done

paper tweak

honestly, it wasn't superb.
the animation was fairly sloppy. try using onion skinning next time or draw frames borders while you animate- and definitely use a better camera (better yet, a scanner) with CONSISTENT lighting on each exposure. the inconsistent twitchy flashing of all the frames was very painful to watch, even though some of the transitions were good. nice use of tweens and fbf, but like I said keep the lighting the same on each frame

the audio choice was not very pleasant, neither was the compression. try making some original music to accompany a video
cheers for the effort though. I always enjoy watching an old-school style fbf animation.
keep it up

keep it up

I'm such a huge fan of paper drawn animations on newgrounds. I want more, always more. I'd also work on your smoothness, those extra frames really make a difference.

Twitches a little.

The animation was kinda cool, the 'out of the pages' style has been done, but I still like. But that song kinda killed it for me. I'm not sure if it was just the compression or what, but...ow. Hurt my ears a bit. Keep up the effort.