Reviews for "MiSSi0N Speed"


When's part 2 ???

Ace0fredspades responds:

just watch at my page 8- )


Its good but not long enough, more and you get 10 stars frrom meh =]

Pretty good; somewhat unoriginal

Wow, well, you're a good artist. The slo mo was great, and the fighting was smooth and enjoyable. But, there is a problem.

This is like the eleventy billion other stick fights there are out there.

They all seem stupidly unbalanced, and the main character rarely takes a hit; and when he does, he can take huge attacks, whereas a single punch from him dismisses an enemy.

This seemed like one of them. He was just too good, and the opposition had no chance. This one is also a little bit short. But, I'll give you your credit for very good animation (well, as good as sticks can go) and the high action content, with the slo mo. But I'd like to see one where the main character actually has a challenge; they can still be fun, violent and action packed, even if the hero doesn't beat the opponents within seconds.

Ace0fredspades responds:

well no problem, check out my other animations! and read the concept of this animation! I mean This hero had no time to take damage...


The graphics were AWESOME, the slow mo LEFT ME IN AWE, and everything had STICKS(which I like ...ALOT)
You rule!

Fucking Incredible

Wasn't expecting much from the icon, but this is one of the best stick fights I've seen in a while.

Extremely nice job on the slow-mo! It's perfect!

Waiting excitedly for your next flash.