Reviews for "A Child's Game"


I really enjoy this song. :) It is very beautiful. I love how well the notes flow together and the instruments used, also. The melody is very catchy and playful. :) I imagine a child playing by themselves and imagining all sorts of wonderful adventures. Fantastic work, Tommy! :D I cannot wait to hear your next song!

Forever stalking your music... Muahaha. :3


I found this to be a rather relaxing and very cartoonish feeling piece anyways. Kind of imagine a kitten playing around in a house and just falling over while having fun as well. Really cute sounding piece anyways. Sounds pretty nice.

The violins kind of play off a childish sounding feel to the song. They make the song feel like fun will be there. The xylophone is truly a soft and nice piece, kind of imagine a kitten falling over with each xylophone note too. The drums and cymbals are really cool too.

The piano is soft and playful. The tune just seems to keep together and make you think of little playful and cute animals anyways.

Overall, very cute piece.

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Tomppaah responds:

Maaw. Kittens :D Thank you!

Interesting (2)

I love how many concepts you brought into this, and how interesting the overall track is. It has a very bouncy atmosphere, and holds to what the title calls it quite well, always a good thing. I honestly think there's not much change needed in the variation bit, nor in the instrumentation. As Xenophaje said, "All instruments seem to be played accordingly through the song, it never goes off key or tone, and its overall sound is pretty good."

However, my problem(s) come in with the fact that while it has a bunch of themes, it seems repetitive, and somehow, at the same time, it seems random. This can be good at certain points, but too much of it just makes me think "meh". I also noticed several points where it seems to lose/gain a beat or two, which hit me like a punch in the fact to wake me up from my musical stupor. Perhaps that was just me. But it's worth looking into things like that.

In the end, I think this could work out to be a really good piece. It just needs some polishing up, some more (less random) variation, and a bit of touching up on the instruments (it made my headphones distort a bit, though that was just in the beginning and they may have been too loud).

Good luck, hope this helped!

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Tomppaah responds:

Thanks for the review! :) I'll surely take your pointers in to consideration when I start working on my next track. ;P


Music always inspires imagination my friend, it works the otherway as well.

This is a very bright piece of music, however I find it repetitive, you never go very far into more vibrant and louder sounds, I suppose that is to maintain the basic image the song was ment to portray but honestly I feel that you should have allowed this for it may have made the song sound more adventurous and alive, not that it doesn't I just hink it could sound more so is all.

But as for the basics of the song I see nothing wrong, All instruments seem to be played accordingly through the song, it never goes off key or tone, and its overall sound is pretty good.

Overall you did a fairly good job with this piece.

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Tomppaah responds:

Thanks for the awesome review, and the pointers! :) Really glad you took the time, and hopefully you enjoyed it. ^^