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Paper Airplanes, Strange Sweets; Forgotten Fun....

This captures that childlike feeling perfectly.
I gave you an 8 because it is quite short. 1:46... that's a few minutes short of a substantial piece of music.. why not go back to this and explore it a bit more? If you can, that is. Certainly, you captured the magical innocence of childhood - yet I feel that you missed the comical way in which children can become so extremely concerned about the most trivial of things, i.e when they think they are losing or something has gone wrong.. a little bit of drama would be a nice addition to this.

Good points, wonderful strings. Nice and smooth, also there is a 'Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy' feel to this, the choice of instruments matches the sort of music I'd expect to hear in an enchanting toy shop..
Improvements that could be made: There are usually at least 2-3 instruments playing at any single point.. it would be interesting to hear a very short intermittent solo from one of the instruments, to provide a distinct contrast in texture.

I think the music itself was pretty much spot on; the instruments are well balanced, the volume levels are such that each instrument can be clearly heard in the mix too.

Good work :)


Just the feel of this song has me going back years,to when i was a completely different person. im glad those days are over though.

anyways,what you have here is something that easily sounds like a character creation theme in an RPG.it's good and all,but it's not too interesting to keep listening in.also,it could use a bit more percussion,not note-wise,i mean push those faders up higher. i can barely hear the snare.thats all the bad though.

the good,is of course you manage to keep a nice,cavalier tune for the whole song and dont eventually lead it to a serious state.also,this song was VERY well composed,for the length of said song. like i said,this would be perfect for a Creation theme or a simple town square theme,as that's exactly whats in my head. a town,bustling full of people running about and making it to their destinations. but the city itself looks a lot older than what you would think,with city walls barely intact,the angel at the top of the fountain in the middle of the square about to fall off... like a modern day camelot,with decay.

overall,great song. i cant even begin to write something so good,yet simple.

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Awww, only makes me think of something cute and fuzzy, I'm guessing that's something like what you were going for. This is the kind of track I'd love to hear in the back of a children's movie like Toy Story, filled with hope and joy.

The instruments are amazing, and the composition is as close to perfect as I can imagine them being. You show some really good dynamics in the intro with a great buildup to the track, only thing I can complain about is probably that it's short, and not a loop. As a loop it could be used in oh-so-many games in the puzzle category.

I listened to this multiple times. I think that says enough.

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Toy Story

The musical style is very reminiscent of kids' movies, particularly Toy Story. You have some excellent classical instruments at work here, it feels really lighthearted and cheerful. What do you use for your brass?

I only wish this piece was longer. I could really see this working as BGM for a puzzle/point-and-click type of game. It's not every piece that reaches the end and I think, "Hey, let's hear some more of that."

Awesome job, keep it up!

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A Child's Game eh?

It feels like you are trying to make the song mimic the imagination of a child:
Ever changing, exuberant, full of surprise and promise.

I do enjoy this piece a lot. There is never a real settling point within the piece. I do enjoy how you have the melody playing subtly throughout each instrument. You really have to pay attention, and I love that!

Besides the beginning part (where all of the instruments become distorted,
which was mentioned in an earlier review), I must say that your portrayal of a 'Child's Game' was well executed!