Reviews for "A Child's Game"

Oh God, Cute and Amazing!

I love this song so much! It has such a childish feel to it that can be imagined in a children's game or possibly something cartoony like ROSE Online. It highlights an imagination at work. Pick up your trusty wooden swords, kids. We've got ourselves an adventure!

Tomppaah responds:

Count me IN on that adventure! :) Thank you very much!


This Song screams Innocent and Cute. Bravo man Bravo

Tomppaah responds:

Thank you! :) *bows*

Reply to MrMusicalLion

I don't know what happened in the author's brain, but maybe is this piece of music short because childhood is short as well. =)

It's not really my kind of music, but I find it pretty lovely. ^^

Wheres the time machine u had?

Can i come to your house and see it? (i thought you were serious ._.)

Tomppaah responds:

Oh I'm sorry.. It got run over by a train just a moment ago, now it's in a million pieces :(

Reminds me of old times sake

I like this track. When I listen to it, it gives me a warm & fuzzy feeling inside, just like back then I was a innocent exploring places. I wish this were longer. =X