Reviews for "Buried Alive! 2008 by EO"


This is a very addictive game!
I would not be suprised if this gets put on front page!!!!

I find the game kinda hard...
(i guess i suck at tetris :P )

EntropicOrder responds:

Thanks mate! It can be quite challenging. I'm thinking about releasing a strategy guide at some piont.

Fun game

Reminds me of an old game for regular nintendo. I enjoy the classic style games. Got 45,000 points :-o

EntropicOrder responds:

I took some inspiration from games like Dr. Mario and Yoshi's Cookie. :) Classic games rule.

in my eyes

in my eyes your game is the best i played in days 1 flaw and its not really a big prob but the speed is a pretty annoying prob....otha than that perfect score 5/5

EntropicOrder responds:

Thanks!! There's a good chance I'll be speeding it up if others feel similarly.

it was great

challenging and hard i actually really loved it. its officially the most under rated game on newgrounds im glad you brought my attention to it in that review.


Amazing game, I loved it! I found it pretty challanging too (quite hard) and I think it is front page worthy.

Congrats and I hope to see some more stuff from you soon. I'd like to give it some critisicm, but I can't think of any!

So good!


EntropicOrder responds:

I like a good challenge and I think NG fans do. I've got another puzzle type game that I'm planning to release in the next month or two so you will definitely see more from me.